CORRESPONDENCE was an exhibition with components in physical and virtual realities, exploring how new technologies can promote the accessibility of the arts and change our idea of a public space.

Correspondence from Correspondence on Vimeo.

Sixteen artists worked together to make an exhibition at Prestamex House, mirrored by a virtual version in Second Life. This version ran in parallel but without the need to be constrained by the laws of physical reality; the real exhibition also appeared on the internet in a second iteration relayed back by a roaming spybot, each version of the show having properties that the other lacked.

When exchange happens virtually, something physical still traverses the distance; our minds construct connections and worlds of meaning from the physical reality that we perceive. This group of artist explored ideas of exchange, collaboration and representation, and their planning and discussion of the theme was itself an integral part of the show.

The show’s physical component took place in a reclaimed office space by Preston Park, and it is still represented online at a Second Life location which you can access via the Virtual Location tab.

Supported by IdeasTap and Artwerx

Prestamex House

171-173 Preston Road

Brighton BN1 6BN

10-6pm daily, 5th-9th February






See our exhibition publication here:

The online document is below